Sadhana Venkatesh
Education Intern

Sadhana Venkatesh is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Education & Human
Development with a minor in Entrepreneurship and a specialization in Educational Design. She
is originally from Andover, MA, where she attended high school. In her senior year, she
participated in a Capstone project on the letter grading system which sparked her interest in the
intersection of motivation and assessment practices. Inspired, Sadhana conducted a self-led
research project which analyzed a decrease in passion as students grew older, bringing a new
emphasis on the importance of applied education in Andover’s middle school classrooms. She
aspires to further her work in this area through designing a new mode of assessment for K-12
education. Sadhana is excited to be a part of the education team at UNAGB where she is able to
hone in on her interests in education, applied learning, and global citizenship to create positive