Model UN in the Classroom

Collaboration with teachers is the foundation of UNAGB’s unique partnership with middle school, high school, and university classrooms.

Interested in doing Model UN in the classroom?

Read on to find out how this engaging curriculum framework can be tailored to the needs of your students.

Why do Model UN?

Principals, classroom teachers, and school advisors tell us that Model UN helps their students develop the skills emphasized in the Common Core, learn about important world issues, and that the students love it!

Who does Model UN?

Students in grade 5-12 at district, charter, and independent schools engage in Model UN as in-class curriculum.

Bring Model UN to your school this year!

The UNAGB partners with schools for 3-week units of study as well as a semester or year long programming. To request a price menu, contact Caitlin

Schools that Used Model UN as In Class Curriculum 2014-15


Codman Academy – Workshop

Middle Schools

The Derryfield School – Unit

Excel Academy Charter Schools – Unit

The Hurley – Unit

Lincoln Middle School – Workshop

Malden Middle Schools – Unit

High Schools:

Boston International Newcomers’ Academy – Year-long course

Community Academy of Science and Health- Year-long course

Malden High School – Unit

Phoenix Academy Charter School – Semester-long course

The Willow Hill School – Lesson


Suffolk University, Global Marketing Class – Unit