Matthew Wachs
Northeastern University Service Learner

Matthew Wachs is a 1st year student who is seeking a combined degree in International Business and International Affairs at Northeastern University. The Ardsley, New York native, spent his first college semester abroad in Rome, Italy. During that time, he enhanced his learning of the Italian language and culture. Also, Matthew spent the summer of 2022 on an Italian winery near Siena, Italy where he was shown the intricate wine-making process. Matthew’s interest in world politics began when learning about World War 2  and grew while taking courses in political systems and governments in highschool. Motivated by the power of social media and other increasing technologies, Matthew wants to show others that the best understanding of how our world works is by doing the research yourself. Matthew aspires to conduct international law between America, Europe and Israel in the future while promoting processes and products that benefit societies.