Carter Olson
Northeastern University Service Learner

Carter is from Upstate New York and is a freshman at Northeastern University.  He is currently a combined major of International Business and International Affairs and has a concentration in Global Business and Strategy.  Coming from a small town with little diversity, Carter had always desired to have more exposure to different societies and cultures to better understand the world.  In his senior year of high school, he hosted Italian and German exchange students who became like family to him and taught him much about the global world.  Carter also spent his first semester of college abroad in Rome, Italy in a unique study-abroad program offered at his university for incoming students.  These experiences led him to find a passion for exploration and sparked a deep interest for culture and politics between different countries of the world.  After the completion of his undergraduate studies, he plans to attend law school to learn more about human rights and international law.  He hopes to one day pursue a career in International Relations under an active IGO and bring his business and economic as well as his political, legal, and cultural knowledge to the table in order to accomplish something purposeful in the world.