Doris Jiang
Northeastern University Service Learner

Doris Jiang is a freshman at Northeastern University. She is currently majoring in business and concentrating in business analytics with a minor in data science. Since the third grade, she has traveled to various countries in the world every summer vacation, and has built a brief understanding of the culture and politics of many countries, which has grown further after she entered an international high school with a very diverse mix of classmates and teachers. They come from almost all over the world, from North America to Southeast Asia, and her daily experience with teachers and students from different cultural backgrounds has given her an international perspective. In the past few months of studying in the United States, she has been communicating with the entire community from the perspective of Asian culture every day, and she looks forward to introducing this perspective into the activities of UNAGB. Doris Jiang has a strong interest in using diverse information to analyze and understand the rules of the world, and hopes to bring more connections between different communities.