Camilla Cini
Northeastern University Service Learner

Camilla Cini is a first-year Northeastern University student majoring in International Business
and Finance. Camilla is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but lives in Miami, Florida.
Living in a nation with a corrupt government, Camilla quickly understood the significance of
international relations and policies. She discovered her passion for global corporations in high
school when she enrolled as a member of SALTT, an organization that provides service to
migrant workers and their families. SALTT generally works with the children of migrant workers,
which inspired Camilla to assist in educating underprivileged youth. Her experience opened her
eyes to the importance of giving back to the community. She has been motivated to research
international issues worldwide since she studied globalization and global policies in 2023.
Camilla aspires to assist youth education with the help of research related to current global