Model UN

Become a diplomat. Represent your country’s position. Find new solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

Model UN from United Nations Association of Gr on Vimeo.

Model UN is a world-renowned program in which students role-play delegates representing member states of the United Nations. This is done through a simulation of UN committees and agencies, such as the Security Council or Human Rights Council debating current, relevant international topics. While participating in Model UN, students gain a multitude of 21st Century skills, that are not often practiced in a traditional classroom setting – public speaking, negotiation, and advanced critical thinking skills.

Participating in Model UN challenges students in ways beyond the hurdles of international relations terminology and rigorous topic and country research. To engage, students must present speeches to a group of peers, incorporate the ideas of others into extemporaneous remarks, develop and write proposals, work in an unstructured environment to find allies, and use parliamentary procedure.

The discussions are rigorous and solutions-oriented, with the ultimate goal of developing a proposal that a majority of the countries can agree upon. As a result, students gain a nuanced understanding of the global issue that they are discussing and the countries represented, heightened communication skills, and new reflections on the world and their own stance.

And it’s a ton of fun!