Hakan Satiroglu

Hakan Satiroglu, a serial EdTech and social impact entrepreneur and investor, is widely recognized as a leading visionary in global EdTech sector. He has been actively involved in either the founding or acceleration of more than 40 EdTech companies.

In 2017, Satiroglu shifted his focus to “TechEd” — technology-driven learning and education — and co-founded XR Terra in 2019, the first workforce development company in the U.S. focused on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) skills. Entering workforce development was a deliberate choice based on the immense impact XR will soon have on daily life. XR Terra was acquired by The Glimpse Group (NASDAQ:VRAR) in October 2021. Satiroglu currently serves as VP of Strategy of the Glimpse Group as well as General Manager of its wholly owned subsidiary XR Terra.

XR Terra came on the heels of XR InLearning (XRL), a new ecosystem focused events on AR and VR as well as mixed reality (MR) which Satiroglu launched in 2017. XRL events curated the impact and facilitated the connections of the XR world with workforce development and corporate learning, as well as higher education and K-12 segments. XRL is currently on hold due to ongoing global COVID crises.

Satiroglu leans on more than a decade’s worth of experience, including co-founding LearnLaunch, the premier brand in NorthEast EdTech cluster which is now at the center of an expanding global ecosystem. The vast portfolio of technology, education, and innovation-focused companies he has incubated includes EdTech Times, a multimedia news publication focused on education, technology, policy, innovation, and workforce development; Mountain Gap Solutions, software/app development for the education industry; MindBridge Partners, market analysis and strategy development for K-12 and higher ed; TeachersConnect, a social networking and mentorship platform for new teachers; and Innovation Foundry, a development vehicle focused on turning ideas and research that improve education, workforce development, and community development into sustainable market solutions.

Satiroglu’s career in EdTech entrepreneurship began with the 2004 founding of Xplana Learning. As CEO, he led the company to become the premier EdTech R & D company creating products for top learning companies, including Pearson, McGraw Hill Education, Cengage, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Xplana Learning was acquired in 2009 by MBS Textbook Exchange, one of the largest textbook distribution companies in the U.S. at that time.

Satiroglu sits on the board of several organizations and companies, including the United Nations Association of Greater Boston and recently served as a member of Boston University Alumni Council.

He received his Bachelor of Science in finance and accounting from Boston University.