Model The Future

In October, UNAGB will be celebrating 50 years in the Greater Boston area. That’s half a century of building a strong multigenerational network of global citizens through educational programs all over the Boston area, for youth and adults alike.

But we’re not just celebrating by looking back on what we’ve done. We’re celebrating by imagining all that we’re going to do in the next 50 years. 

Every year, our programs touch the lives of thousands of youth and adults, instilling in them the values of diplomacy, leadership, and global citizenship. From classrooms to conference halls, we’ve seen firsthand the powerful impact of providing everyday people with the tools and knowledge needed to thoughtfully engage with the world’s most pressing challenges.

We’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished. But we’re not close to done yet.

Which is why we’re kicking off our 50th celebration with a potent, experiential event in October and simultaneously launching a million-dollar comprehensive campaign for the next 50 years. And this is where you come in.

A Call to Sponsor Model the Future: Launching UNAGB’s Next 50 Years

On October 16th, 2024 sponsors, alumni and friends of UNAGB will come together at the Fairmont Copley Hotel in Boston to celebrate the future of this impactful organization.

We know that you, your network and your organization enjoy opportunities to align with change-making organizations who are making a difference and we want to be one of the organizations you align with.

There are two ways you can do so: as an Event Sponsor of our 50th anniversary event, or as a Campaign Partner for our year-long 50th anniversary comprehensive campaign. Here are a few reasons we think these are incredible, aligned opportunities:


    • Unmatched visibility and engagement with our UNAGB community
    • Meaningful alignment with Corporate (or personal) Social Responsibility
    • Unique opportunity to participate in an inspiring and interactive experience
    • Ability to demonstrate leadership in community engagement