Model UN Ambassadors

Meet our fantastic team of Model UN Ambassadors helping to redesign what Model UN looks like in a virtual world!

MUN Ambassadors from UNAGB on Vimeo.

Hi! My name is Abigail Rabieh, and I am a rising senior at BB&N. I have been competing at MUN conferences and participating in my school’s club since my freshman year, and have been the President of my club since junior year. I love participating in MUN because I enjoy arguing and debating, but also trying to find new and interesting ways of compromise. Outside of MUN, I love to play the viola at school and at New England Conservatory, write the editorials for my school newspaper, The Vanguard, and run cross country.
Hi! My name is Daysi Buruca Pacas, I’m a rising junior at Excel Academy High School. One of my biggest passions is doing martial arts. I’m one of the co-founders of the photography club at my school and also a member of the MUN club! I started doing Model UN to grow out of my fear of public speaking and improve my writing skills.

I am a fellow participant of Model United Nations and some of my greatest academic successes has been with the UNAGB! Currently, I am a Freshman at Trinity College who plans to major in Political Science with a focus on International Relations, while also minoring in Human Right Studies. Growing up, learning about the global community has always been at the forefront of my mind, which is why I committed myself to always learning more. In addition to working with the UNAGB as a Student Ambassador, I am also a published author who enjoys writing poetry and fiction in my spare time.

Hi all! I’m Grace I’m a junior in high school and I attend the international bilingual school of provence. This is going to be my 6th year doing Model UN and I am so happy to be working with this amazing team to reform MUN for a virtual world. My favorite kind of MUN is crisis (historical specifically) and I also love debate!

Hi everyone! My name is Ian Glick, and I’m a rising senior at Milton Academy. I’ve participated in Model UN throughout middle school and high school, so I am so excited to be helping UNAGB MUN transition to our new online world! I’ve always loved how MUN combines public speaking, teamwork, and negotiation skills, and how it teaches delegates about some of the biggest issues facing our world today. Outside of MUN, I play baseball and am a co-head of my school’s Science and Chinese language clubs. I’m looking forward to a great online year of MUN!

Hi Everyone! My name is Josie Vogel and I am a rising senior at Milton Academy. I have done a combination of Model UN and Public Forum debate throughout middle school and high school. Also, I play lacrosse, play squash, and run cross country; I am also the co-head of my schools independent environment club! I am so thankful for this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team!
My name is Julia Temple and I am a UNAGB student ambassador. I just graduated Noble and Greenough high school and I will be starting at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in the Fall of 2021. I’m currently taking a gap year focusing on personal development, an internship, and travel. I have participated in Model UN for six years and last summer I worked as a UNAGB Education intern. I created and ran my school’s conference, NGMUN, and was an editor for the school newspaper. In my free time, I like to run and read. I am so excited to be helping shape the next generation of Model UN students- virtually!
Hi, I am Matthew Hong, a senior at BB&N. I do cross country and track and write for multiple magazines at my school. I am interested in math and history, as well as classics. I did Model UN consistently through middle school, and I am starting to engage with it again now.

I have been doing MUN since middle school, when I attended a UNAGB conference and fell in love with diplomacy and debate. Since then, I’ve attended more conferences with UNAGB, at Harvard, and even at the UN itself. Alongside MUN, I participate in theatre, write, and read a whole lot of Shakespeare.

Hi there! My name is Salma Jabri, and I am a rising sophomore at Excel Academy High School. I’m not the most athletic person, but I love martial arts. I’ve been doing it since I was 7, but it’s been around a year since I’ve last done it, so I’m trying to get back into it again! I love writing, Algebra, and anything MUN related. I’ve been doing Model UN since middle school and loved the experience so much that I’m doing it once again in high school, hoping to grow into a better and more educated person, all while meeting new people!
Hi! I am Samyuktha Mandampully from Mumbai, India. I am in the 12th grade at Rao Junior College of Science. I started Model UN in middle school and have been hooked ever since! The best part about participating in Model UN is that I learn something new in every conference that I attend. Outside Model UN, I love playing lawn tennis and have participated in several National Level tournaments. I love STEM and coding, I am learning how to code in C++ and Python.

Hello! My name is Tracy Das and I attend Waltham High School, class of 2022. I have been doing Model UN for four years now and it has revealed a passion for international affairs, research, and writing in me that I hadn’t possessed before. As a Student Ambassador for the United Nations Association of Greater Boston, I hope to help other students get exposed to the life of Model UN, introduce a set of skills, and do outreach into communities to gain diverse delegates in our virtual simulations! Aside from Model UN, I enjoy cooking Haitian meals, running hurdles on my Track & Field team, and being an active member at the Waltham Boys and Girls Club.


Hi, my name is Will and I am a junior at Concord Academy. I have been doing Model UN independently and through my school for the past 6 years, and I have been teaching Model UN for the past four years. I really enjoy public speaking and debating, so MUN has always appealed to me for those reasons. I especially enjoy crisis committees, as I have always loved acting and history. Outside of MUN I love to run cross country, write for my school’s satirical newspaper, read, and sing in a chorus.