Event Details

Climate change presents an urgent global crisis that extends far beyond national borders, demanding the adoption of innovative solutions to effectively address the challenge. As we commemorate United Nations Day 2023 and the International Day Against Climate Change, we invite you to delve into the crucial nexus between climate innovation and entrepreneurship.

This forum will dive into the need for multi-stakeholder collaboration to achieve climate goals through e.g. innovation pilots. Amid the pressing global challenge of climate change, setting ambitious goals is paramount. However, achieving these goals demands the deployment of novel solutions and a generation of actionable data. Startups, driven by their agility and ingenuity, hold the potential to unveil sustainable solutions. Simultaneously, corporations and organizations, armed with resources and diverse infrastructure, offer the means to test and potentially scale these innovations through integration.

During the event, we will explore how organizations support and engage in open innovation through entrepreneurial partnerships and pilots that drive climate action forward – from academia, governments, to industry and ventures.

As we celebrate and honor United Nations Day, let’s embark together on the journey toward a sustainable future, where actions speak louder than words, and innovation is the key to transformation.


9:15-9:45 : Registration, Coffee & Networking

9:45-11:00 : Panel Discussion on Accelerating Innovation Towards Net Zero


The American Academy of Arts & Sciences

136 Irving Street, Cambridge MA

Special Guests:

– Patrick Risager Mikkelsen, SDG Innovation Officer, Innovation Centre Denmark

- Rebekah Emanuel, Director of Social Entrepreneurship, Harvard Innovation Labs

– Mark Shu, Senior Innovation Director, Danfoss

– Ben Silton, Senior Principal, ADL Ventures