More information about Institute

Delegates learn about global issues through mini-simulations, discussion, public speaking practice, and negotiation games during UNAGB's week-long Institutes in Global Leadership.

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Meet new delegates

Make friends with other students–both local and from around the world– who are also passionate about global affairs!

Learn about Global Issues

Dive into intricate and relevant issues and learn how to apply your new analytical skills to diplomacy and debate!

Learn from experts

Hear from professionals in the field! Past speakers have included diplomats, humanitarian agents, and local politicians!

Improve your Model UN Skills

New and veteran MUN’ers a like will learn new skills that will be put to the test in a full-length MUN Conference. Awards are given at the end of the week.

What did participants say?

  • “I really loved everything about the camp!”
  • “These programs have helped me grow as a MUNer and a person, through gaining unique perspectives into intricate topics.”
  • “The people participating are just as passionate as I am about international issues.”
  • “I loved speaking and debating with others, and negotiating and pretending to be delegates and representatives of countries.”
  • “The guest speakers were phenomenal.”
  • “I really enjoyed learning about Model UN techniques and tricks to use in future conferences.”
  • “This was a great way to learn how to do MUN.”
  • “I am so coming back next year!!!”