Event Details

2019 Rising Leaders Model UN Conference

For High School and Advanced Middle School Students

The Rising Leaders Model UN Conference is a challenging single-day Model UN conference that gives students an opportunity to debate a current international issues in each committee. This conference is open to any and all high school (and advanced middle students) throughout New England and beyond.

Conference Fees are as follows:

School Registration fee: $100

Delegate Fee: $65* (per student)

*Reduced Delegate fees are offered for qualifying Title I district schools

A total of eight topics will be debated by each Committee. The topics for the 2017 RMUN Conference are as follows:

ECOFIN Committee Topic: Reducing Economic Barriers for Women

UNDP Committee Topic: Climate Change: Reducing Drivers of Natural Disasters

UNEP Committee Topic: Ocean Conservation

UNGA Committee Topic: State Security in Afghanistan

UNHRC Committee Topic: Modern Slavery

UNODC Committee Topic: Cybercrime

UNSC Committee Topic: Protecting Rohingya Minorities

WHO Committee Topic: Access to Clean Water