Event Details

Come celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations with UNAGB’s UN Day MUN, a unique and high caliber one-day Model UN Conference on October 23rd.

This conference provides delegates with an exciting Model UN Conference towards the start of the school year. This is a no-prep conference in which students receive an abridged topic guide and country profile on the day of the conference and 30-minute preparation block before the start of committee.

Below is a brief Q & A to help you learn a little more about the event:

What is the committee/topic? Freedom & Security of the Press

Is this a middle or high school conference? This conference is open to both middle and high school teams. They will be in separate committee rooms.

Will students work in pairs? No – at no-prep conferences all students work individually. They will receive their country assignment the morning of the conference.

When will delegates find out their countries? Once delegates arrive at the conference they will be assigned a country and be given a half-hour to prepare their country positions and opening statements.

Are there position papers? No – not for this conference

Will this conference take place online? Yes – this conference will be held virtually using Zoom and a virtual schoolhouse through an educational event platform called classrooms.cloud

My school doesn’t have a Model UN team, but I’d like to attend…are independent teams invited? Yes! Independent teams and independent delegates are welcome to attend. Parent advisors welcome!

What is the cost of registration? There is no group delegation fee for this conference. The cost of attendance is $20/delegate. If you attend a Title 1 qualifying school you may request a reduced delegate fee of $10/delegate. Please note that this conference is less expensive in price than other UNAGB conferences and also ends at 2pm.

What is the refund policy? Delegate fees ($20/$10) may be refunded until a week before the event.

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We hope to see you there! Please contact Alex Bostian, Education Program Manager at [email protected] with further questions.