Event Details

Registration for COMMUN 2021 has closed.

Join UNAGB for a day full of public speaking, diplomacy, and critical thinking at this year Commonwealth School Model UN Conference (COMMUN)! This conference, held in partnership with Commonwealth School in Boston, MA, is an innovative Model UN conference for middle school aged students.

Below is a brief Q & A to help you learn a little more about the event:

When will registration open for COMMUN? Registration has closed.

Is this a middle or high school conference? This conference is open to middle school students in grades 6-8.

Will students participate in pairs? All delegates work work as individuals at COMMUN 2020.

Will this conference take place online? Yes – this conference will be held virtually.

My school doesn’t have a Model UN team, but I’d like to attend…are independent teams invited? Yes! Independent teams and independent delegates are welcome to attend. Parent advisors welcome!

What is the cost of registration? There is no group delegation fee for this conference. The cost of attendance is $50/delegate. If you attend a Title 1 qualifying school you may request a reduced delegate fee of $20/delegate.

What is the refund policy? Delegate fees ($50/$20) may be refunded until a week before the event.

Looking for additional resources for participation in virtual Model UN? Check out UNAGB’s Virtual Model UN website for resources on participating in virtual Model UN for delegates, advisors, and parents/guardians.

Anti-Bullying Policy & Code of Ethics
UNAGB is committed to each student’s success in a caring, responsive, and safe environment that is free of bullying, violence, or discrimination of any kind.

Delegates must treat their peers with respect and behave in a manner that helps to ensure that all students have the opportunity and support to fully participate in the conference. Students should report any instances of bullying to their chairs or to UNAGB staff.

If an instance of bullying occurs, advisors of involved students will immediately be notified. In addition to potential dismissal from the conference, violation of UNAGB’s bullying policy may prohibit delegate’s future participation in Model UN conferences for a period of time.

Delegate Code of Ethics, abridged from the first three articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
1. Everyone is free and we should all be treated in the same way.
2. Everyone is equal despite differences in skin color, sex, religion, language, political or other opinion, national origin or other status.
3. Everyone has the right to life and to live in freedom and safety.

We hope to see you there! Please contact Alex Bostian, Program Manager, Global Education & Internships, at [email protected] with further questions.