Victoria Kray

Victoria is from Hopkinton, MA, and is a University of Massachusetts Amherst student. She is
double majoring in Legal Studies and Psychology and has an interest in foreign relations.
Victoria is a Ukrainian American, and much of her family still resides in Ukraine. She volunteers
for Sunflowers for Peace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding Ukraine. Victoria has
participated in Model UN since her freshman year of high school as a member and president. She
is now the director of the crisis committees for MinuteMUN 2023, a conference held by UMass
Amherst for high school students. Victoria is a lab assistant for the Intergroup Relations and
Social Justice lab and is currently completing an honors thesis on various nations’ public support
for their nation’s intervention in the Russo-Ukrainian War. Additionally, Victoria is interning in
Congressman Seth Moulton’s Office this spring semester. She is fascinated with the
interrelationships between different cultures and political ideologies and hopes to use acquired
knowledge to pursue a career with the United Nations. Victoria hopes to spread awareness about
global issues during the UNAGB Education Department Internship Program and learn from
passionate individuals dedicated to supporting and educating the community.