Naledi Gordy

Naledi Gordy is an enthusiastic individual with an unwavering dedication to making the world a better place. Currently, she is pursuing her masters in law and diplomacy at the esteemed Fletcher School, where she is specializing in international negotiation, conflict resolution, humanitarian aid, and human security. Her studies have provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the legal and diplomatic frameworks that shape the global response to migration and refugee issues. Naledi’s commitment to learning and her desire to effect positive change in this field have earned her recognition and support, including being awarded the Joan Gillespie Fellowship.In addition to her academic pursuits, Naledi has actively engaged in various initiatives and organizations dedicated to humanitarian causes. She has actively participated in refugee camps, offering her time and expertise to alleviate the suffering of displaced individuals. Naledi’s genuine compassion, coupled with her strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, has allowed her to contribute significantly to the well-being of those she serves.