Matthew Stauss

Matthew Stauss is from Georgetown, Massachusetts and is a senior at St. John’s Preparatory High School.  Matthew is the Secretary General of the 17th annual SJP Model UN Conference and President of the school club.  In 2019, Matthew studied the psychology of mental health and how policy-makers reckon with the challenges of mental health when creating and reforming federal and state laws.  In 2020, he studied Latin American economics and diminishing poverty in developing nations.  He spoke and interviewed with economists in developing nations to learn from economic primary sources.  Back at St. John’s, COVID damaged the strength and size of the local club.  Consequently, he started a school initiative to advertise and create virtual and in-person introductory programs to integrate inexperienced students into the Model UN club.  Beyond High School, Matthew hopes to engage in more opportunities to to focus on issues around food deprivation and further developing the World Food Programme.  Matthew is thrilled to be a part of the United Nations of Greater Boston Internship Department as a source of support in integrating the intrigued young minds into the problems of the modern world.