Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer is a high school junior at Boston Latin School. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, where she has been involved in her inner Dorchester community for years. Before the interruption of Covid-19, Jennifer has participated in Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger event for 5 years, walking 15 miles to raise awareness of the climbing issue of hunger in Massachusetts and provide relief to those struggling with food insecurity. Additionally, through the various clubs she participates in, Jennifer actively works to spread awareness about rising issues in her school environment as well as the country. BLS UNICEF, BLS Women in Politics, and BLS HANDS in particular have made it possible for her to educate others and also be educated on topics relating to the achievement gap in Boston. Since 2021, Jennifer has also been working for Boston Public Library’s HAP mentor program at Fields Corner Library and volunteering for Project DEEP’s nonprofit educational one-on-one tutoring program, in which she provides tutoring services to low-income students in Dorchester. Through her work, she is able to bring awareness to and give back to her community, while also gaining valuable experience as she continues her studies to eventually become an international journalist. Jennifer is excited to work with her greater Boston community at UNAGB and continue working with children in exposing them to important issues of injustice.