Izzy Hardy
Education Intern

Izzy Hardy is a sophomore at the George Washington University. Her major is Journalism and Mass Communication and minors are French and Peace Studies. She grew up in Newton, Massachusetts but her parents are from Mexico City, Mexico and Winchester, United Kingdom. Izzy first participated in Model United Nations in sixth grade, and has since explored her love for solving global issues through attending regular Model UN conferences, becoming a co-president at her high school, and continuing her passions via a peace studies minor in university. She attended UNAGB’s Summer Institute in Global Leadership as a high school freshman and its Advanced Negotiation and Chair Training program as a rising senior. Izzy aspires to become an investigative journalist who chronicles global problems and the work NGOs do to solve them. In the meantime, she is excited to work with UNAGB to help bring an awareness of global issues and skills of peace-keeping to fellow students.