Hazel Law
Education Intern

Hazel Law is a recent graduate from Boston Latin School and a lifelong resident of Boston. In the fall she will be attending Mills College in Oakland California. She plans to do an interdisciplinary major with environmental science and social justice, with the goal of going into public health work and political advising. She is a 2016-2017 Topol Fellow for Peace and Nonviolence and 2017 Seevak Fellow for Human Rights and Social Justice. These fellowships allow her to participate in community engagement work, organize human rights focused events, and do internships. Her work in a Racial Reconciliation and Healing program has given her epidemiology and negotiation training, as well as on public health issues and the intersectionality of racism in America. Hazel hopes that as an intern at UNAGB this summer she will gain valuable experience in teaching and international human rights and social justice education.