Hakan Satiroglu

Hakan Satiroglu is an entrepreneur and seasoned executive focused on the transition of business models and processes in the digital age. In 2004 he founded Xplana Learning, a social learning network which is paving the way for how learning will be enabled in the 21st Century. Xplana is the leading personal learning environment integrating local and commercially published content, student-to-student and faculty-to-student collaboration. Xplana is a transformational platform integrating digital library, e-book reader and e-commerce. Xplana Learning was acquired in 2009 by MBS Textbook Exchange.

Subsequent to the acquisition, Mr. Satiroglu shifted focus from overseeing operations and driving sales activity of the company to leveraging publisher and institution-wide relationships. Objectives to build awareness and to lay the groundwork for the roll out of the Xplana Learning Platform to the 950 institutional and over 150 publishing clients of MBS.