Emma Wilson
Young Delegates Volunteer

Emma is from Marion, Massachusetts and is a senior at Old Rochester Regional High School. She is planning to study Spanish and International Relations (with a focus on Human Rights) in college. Emma attended an intensive educational program at American University during the summer of 2018 which contributed greatly to her interest in these subjects. While attending this program, she learned about global issues, social justice, and the global system. Emma is also passionate about foreign language, especially Spanish, and she is currently taking a Spanish extension course at BASE Language Academy in downtown Boston in hopes of achieving fluency. Emma is Editor-in-Chief of her high school’s student newspaper and uses her platform to encourage students of all political leanings to make their voices heard. Prior to the 2018-2019 school year, Emma had no formal Model UN experience because her school did not feature it as a club. She then started a Model UN club at her school so all interested students could learn the lessons Model UN teaches. Emma is excited to be part of the UNAGB Education Department Internship Program and to be a supportive resource in exposing youth to global issues at a young age.