Marc Cawley Bercy
Education Intern

Marc Cawley Bercy is a Senior at Bridgewater State University majoring in Political Science. Originally from Port-au-Prince, Marc Cawley immigrated to the United State following the 2010 earthquake. Coming from an under-developed nation and immigrant background, Marc Cawley was interested in the institutions and politics involved in the progression or stagnation of a nation fostering his interest in political science degree. Following his experience taking a comparative politics course, he was encouraged to seek out opportunities to research and study the role of institution and government in different countries. He was fortunate to complete a short research internship as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals scholar, where he participated in interdisciplinary undergraduate research focusing on goals 1 and 2, Zero poverty and No hunger of UN sustainable development goals. He and his teammates focused on the issues contributing to poverty and hunger in Northwestern Nigeria and proposed solutions alleviating this issue. This led to his pursuit of the UNAGB educational internship as he sought to continue working with the UNSDGs while keeping a comparative politics point of view. Marc Cawley looks forward to working in the non-profit sector after graduating and working with the UNAGB offers a path to accomplishing this goal and becoming acquainted with this sector.